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VADER - Tibi Et Igni

Vader - Tibi Et Igni

To understand VADER’s Tibi Et Igni is to know a few key facts. First, this is their best album since 2002’s Revelations.   Second, Tibi Et Igni features the best collection of guitar solos in the band’s history.  It’s a complimentary mix of intense, fast solos with whammy bar action (Peter), and PRIEST-style classic heavy metal soloing (Spider). New comer James Stewart is unquestionably the VADER’s best drummer since the legendary Doc (R.I.P.).  And most importantly, the album rules.

You get the famous **VADER-**style combined with songwriting magic that takes it to that special place.  There’s a good balance of the blasting, ripping tracks, intensely catchy fast-mid tempo ones, and epic ones.  Throughout the band’s history, they have released so many killer songs and many of the ones here rank among their best.  This speaks to just how good Tibi Et Igni is.

Hexenkessel” features some new dynamics for the band as the song has a great sense of tension that is built and released throughout.  The guitar solo that comes in later really takes it to that next level.  The album goes to another level with the eighth track, “The Eye of the Abyss.”  The serene orchestrated intro and the undeniable sense of urgency and doom are excellent.  The following track, “Light Reaper,” races to the finish like a one-way trip to hell.  Closer, “The End,” may be the crown jewel of the VADER catalogue.  Emotionally powerful and full of a sense of hope against a backdrop of finality , the song absolutely shines.  It’s definitely the band’s JUDAS PRIEST-moment.

The bottom line: Buy it.  (Nuclear Blast Records)