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VADER - Welcome to the Morbid Reich

Vader - Welcome to the Morbid Reich

Usually by the ninth album, a band is woefully in decline with no signs of regaining past glories. Thankfully, that is not the case with VADER. First things first, Welcome to the Morbid Reich is the best VADER album since 2002’s Revelations. When I say “best,” I mean that in every way possible.

Let’s discuss some of the highlights.

The album is solid from top to bottom. Gone are the less strong songs that have hindered the last few VADER albums.

Now departed drummer Pawe “Paul” Jaroszewicz’s drum performance is absolutely excellent. So clean, so fast, and the barrage of fills perfectly compliments the guitars/bass.

Welcome to the Morbid Reich has the fastest blast beats in VADER history. It may be hard to believe but it’s true given the fact that VADER is one of the fastest bands out there. See “Come and See My Sacrifice.”

Perhaps for the first time in the band’s history, there is melody. While these melodic parts do not last long, they poignantly add color and an extra dimension to Welcome to the Morbid Reich.

Off the rails, SLAYER-style guitar solos have always been a mainstay in VADER’s repertoire but this album has many of the tastiest and best written solos in their catalogue.

There is double tracking of vocals on certain song parts with mainman Piotr singing with his usual vocals along with his higher vocals (i.e. DEICIDE) that adds a nice touch. Fans will be wondering why in the world he didn’t chose to include his higher vocals much earlier in the band’s history.

Welcome to the Morbid Reich has got the songs, the new dimensions in sound, and just that ripping and blasting style that only VADER can play. Hail the godfathers of Polish death metal! (Nuclear Blast Records)

VADER - Come And See My Sacrifice by NuclearBlastRecords

Vader - Welcome To The Morbid Reich - Black Velvet And Skulls Of Steel by jose-quintero