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Wormrot - Abuse

On Abuse, Singapore’s WORMROT offer up a generous 23 tracks in 22 minutes (perfect grind length) of relentless, ferocious grindcore. Drummer Fitri leads the charge with an assortment insanely fast blast beats, flurries of double bass and general cymbal-smashing mayhem. Vocalist Arif can hit the gutterals if he has to but can mix it up with high vocal shrieks and “core” vocals as needed. There’s no time for technical, mastubatory shreddery so guitarist Rasyid relies on delivering plenty of crunchy, aggressive riffing to get the job done. No bassist? No problem, as the three-piece keep the pace furious and unrelenting throughout the short, but sweet running time. While most of the songs keep with grindcore’s pent-up political slant, WORMROT isn’t without a sense of humor as evidenced on “Blasphemy My Ass” and their cover of the YEAH YEAH YEAH’s “Rich.” The speed keeps coming throughout the 23 tracks, but the band also exhibits a bit of melody on “Fuck I’m Drunk” and the halftime section of “Blasphemy My Ass.” Vocalist Arif also did an excellent job on the mix from TNT Studios as the album cuts through with razor sharp, crystal clear clarity without sacrificing the band’s crusty edge. Despite wearing their influences on their sleeves (the band champions the sounds of NAPALM DEATH, PHOBIA, EXTREME NOISE TERROR, etc.), Abuse unleashes the fury with such conviction, it hardly matters. Abuse delivers grindcore the way it was meant to be played. (Earache Records)