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Wormrot - Dirge

WORMROT took the metal storm last year with the arrival the band’s incinerating debut, Abuse, which saw the band embark on a relentless touring schedule scoring legions of new fans along the way with their explosive live performances. Dirge sees the Singaporean three-piece (no, they still haven’t added a bassist) try to up the speed stakes even more with their latest 18 minutes scorcher. While the length of the “album” may seem a bit short, the sheer velocity of the songs might actually make anything longer excessive and difficult to digest. Once again recorded at TNT Studio, the razor sharp mix cuts through speakers with ample intensity. Despite the seemingly inhuman tempos created by blast master Fitri, the mix successfully captures all the fury one might experience at a WORMROT show. Vocalist Arif growls, snarls, and screeches like a demon possessed by NAPALM DEATH’s Barney Greenway crossed with PHOBIA’s Shane MacLachlan as guitarist Rasyid weaves an onslaught of guitarwork drawing from a seemingly endless stockpile of top notch grind riffs. 25 crushers in 18 minutes, gets the job done and quickly , but I leave the band to sum it up best as they did on track 3: “No time to sob over broken hearts, All Go, No Emo!” (Earache Records)