IN THIS MOMENT – Beautiful Tragedy

Music in its purest form is an art form, an honest expression of creativity. However, it can be raped of all its merit and any possible meaning in the blink of an eye. Everything about IN THIS MOMENTs debut album reeks of what is wrong with the contemporary metal/hardcore scene that looms in the mainstream eye.

As if the metalcore genre wasn’t already oversaturated to the point of absolute absurdity, here comes IN THIS MOMENT with their contrived entry into the popularity sweepstakes. The band regurgitate every wannabe Swedish melodic death metal riff, breakdown, drum pattern, predictable combo of screaming/clean vocal pattern, and overall song structure in the metalcore handbook.

Yeah, the band sound like professional musicians but so what? The band was solely created to become “the next big thing (this can be verified by the band’s bio).” Beautiful Tragedy is as safe, sterile, and redundant as it gets. It’s a rerun of a rerun of a rerun.

Are male heavy music fans so lonely as to be duped into following a band simply for the fact that the singer is a female? Are the minds of fans so easily manipulated and sheepish as to drive them to become a devotee of such contrived mediocrity? Is there that much of difference between some fan of Ashlee Simpson/American Idol/Top 40 and some fan of Ozzfest/Hot Topic/Headbangers Ball? Ask yourself…what does music mean to you? What do you stand for? (Century Media Records)

10 thoughts on “IN THIS MOMENT – Beautiful Tragedy

  1. Your a dumbass. Talking about how this band is a wanna be sweedish band… Noooo i think a wanna be sweedish band is something like LORDI who dresses up in fucking rediculous shit. this band fucking rocks hard and not just b/c they have a fucking female lead. Yes the female may catch peoples eye’s, but if the person is smart they will be interested in the talent that the female brings while it adds to them actually being Unique… have you ever thought of being Unique? They already have two vid’s from this albumn. O but yeah im sure that’s wanna be. And you mention not to listen to this shit b/c of music meaning…. what does the music mean to you??? like this music has no meaning?? this band plays with passion and they rock hard. And to me, they portray a sense of “Determination is pushing me, and Perseverance is what i bleed.” In a way saying dont give up and just push through everything until you make it. And brah, if you dont like the music then dont listen to it. And it’s not a damn rerun it is new and fresh. why dont you listen to the lyrics. u act like you have the songs figured out…. i bet you dont know the meaning to half of those songs. And plus if you open your eyes this band rocks a lot harder than most girl singers are willing to go. Give people a little respect…. fucker

  2. i saw thme last night at Ozzfest…..she is a inspiration to every rocker female!!! some people think that just because shes female that In This Moment sucks….but that wrong..she can rock harder than other male well known bands can. She blew me away.

  3. Thanks for this review!
    In This Moment is definitely one of the worst metalcore-bands out there. And yes, the only thing that sets this band apart from the gazillon others is the female singer. CM wouldn’t have signed them if there was an ugly, tattooed and tough-guy singing. But that’s not the point why ITM sucks. It’s the music. “Beautiful Tragedy” is a heart- and soulless copy of something that was fresh and exciting about 8 years ago. Well played but boring as shit.

  4. Cody Webb fucking bugger off and get some decent music taste before you start slagging these guys. Dr Parks metal knowledge is more than you could ever hope to have. So maybe you should have a good cup of ‘shut the fuck up’!

  5. Nice Ashlee Simpson reference. The problem with metal? Where does one start? You hit the nail on the head…over and over again. I’m tired of the cookie cutter bands…but, I’m more tired of the cookie cutter ‘hot chick’ bands. There’s talent, there’s talent and your hot, and then there’s ‘oh I’m so hot look at me’ no talents. I hate these bands…I hate In This Moment…they suck balls. Myspace bands? Great! What’s next?

  6. I love Laura from Light This City and Angela from Arch Enemy. So it’s not the fact that they have a female singer, they just suck balls.

  7. I saw megadeth the other night in portland, and 2 metal core bands opened for them. The second being In this moment. Oh my god, what complete garbage, That lead singer was one of the most incoherant, talentless hacks i have ever seen live. Even when she was speaking in between songs , all i could understand were the words, Portland and goodnight. At least she had nice tits, but still horrible vocals, pig squealing and mumbling for verses doesnt count as music in my book. I saw arch enemy open up for slayer a few years ago at the same venue, a thousand times better, i cant believe the bands that get to go on tours these days, what was dave mustaine thinking! He probably likes her tits as well. I am glad i got in for free because there is no way i would have paid 45 bucks to get in.

  8. I don’t know how people can listen to In This Moment and see talent….are you sure your not just making excuses for the fact that you like a really horrible band? Maria CAN NOT sing live…the first time I saw them was the first time I heard of them and in the first min I thought my ears were gonna bleed…they did a bunch of half ass riffs and thats about it…there a hollow band made to try to bring metal more to the poppy mainstream crowd…thats too bad cause we all know what the pop music seen does to the rest of the music seen! No one hardly even stayed on the floor for them….they were a good time to take a break and go get a beer though…so I thank them for that! A couple of my friends are into them….but there the very mainstream metal crowd….I dunno all I see is talentless garbage and that says alot from a guy who’s first ITM experience was live with no knowledge of who they were…no bias…they were bad

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