Compilation of Early MORGION Material, God of Death & Disease, Out Now

God of Death & Disease, a compilation disc featuring the earliest recordings from death/doom metal band MORGION, is now available via Dark Descent Records. Check out the webstore at to order or visit for a full album stream.

Before finally breaking through with their 1997 full-length debut, Among the Majestic Ruin, MORGION recorded two demos and an EP. These three recordings represent MORGION‘s early pure death metal roots. 1991’s Rabid Decay demo, 1992’s Live Rehearsal demo and 1993’s Travesty EP. In all, over one hour of early 90’s death metal finally compiled and remastered.

In related news, MORGION has been announced for the 2013 installment of Maryland Death Fest. Originally slated to appear at this year’s fest, they were forced to bow out due to circumstances beyond their control. Check and for updates and information.

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