Ex-ZAO Drummer Jesse Smith Returns with New Project, GODS

Jesse Smith, ex-drummer for ZAO, has been busy writing and working on pre-production for a full length album with his new band, GODS. The as yet untitled album will be recorded at the famed Barry Poynter’s Studio in Little Rock, Arkansas (THE JULIANA THEORY, ZAO, LIVING SACRIFICE) in August. The band is presently in negotiations with a label to release it.

As many know, Smith made the decision to leave ZAO late last year, due to the fact he wanted to move onto something else musically. Leaving the drums behind, he decided to step upfront and take over vocals and lead guitar duties. He also is the chief songwriter. GODS is in the vein of HIM or maybe EVANESCENCE. It’s “more rock-n-roll, with a dark and gothic flare.” Go to www.purevolume.com/gods in order to check out a couple of demo tracks.

GODS will be embarking on tour in September with SOCIETY’S FINEST through October. Check out tour dates at www.scotomapromotions.com.

Also, check out GODS‘ temporary website at www.unshadowed.net/gods.

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  1. Were Lisa and Don Doss in Zao originally? This would have been back in the early 1980’s. If yes, are either of them in a band?



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